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Widows: some harmful practices they experience in Igbo land

In Igbo land, some practices widows experience in line with Igbo culture have been claimed to violate their human rights of women. For instance;...

Igbo culture: What every Igbo youth should know about Age Grade system

The age grade system has long been in existence in Igboland, and has been recognized and used by Igbo traditional leaders to champion causes...

Significance of ‘Red Cap’ in Igbo culture

The ‘red cap’ worn by chiefs in Igboland symbolizes authority, tradition, and culture; and it also represents the entire institution of leadership, authority, and...

5 Popular Misconceptions About Igbos, No 4 Will Shock You

The Igbo people are one of the largest ethnic groups in Africa. In Nigeria, Igbo people have carved a niche for themselves as entrepreneurs....

Tourism Potentials of the Famous Ikeji Festival of Igbo People

The famous Ikeji festival is a long held Igbo tradition passed down through the ancestry of the Arondizuogu clan emanating from Arochukwu in Abia...
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