2019 Presidency: 3 Politicians Igbo people may project for the job


With the spate of agitations for Biafra republic owing to perceived marginalization of the Igbo people especially in the political spheres of the country, one may not rule out the possibility of having the 2019 Presidency or Vice-Presidency ceded to the South-East as a way to pacify people of the region.

To this end, it is expected that there will be major political alignments and re-alignments across the country as the next general election approaches.

The question today on the lips of many remains “Who will Igbo people project for Presidency, if the other regions in the country decides to give them a chance?”

Let’s quick x-ray the following top 3 politicians that are good to go for Nigeria’s Presidency in 2019

1.Senator Ike Ekweremadu:

The Deputy Senate President has been a presiding officer in the red chamber for ten years now. He relatively understands workings of the federal government and the political dynamics in the country better that any other lawmaker from the South East region.

Ekweremadu was worked closely with three Presidents and two Senate Presidents and two Speakers of the House of Representatives from all the other regions in the country.
He has also served as Speaker of ECOWAS parliament for several years.

2. Mazi Nnamdi Kanu:

With the way he has stirred the agitation for Biafra and the grassroots support he enjoys among Igbos people, especially those resident in the South-east, if an opinion poll is conducted on the streets of Igboland to ascertain the peoples’ choice for 2019 Presidency; Kanu is most likely to emerge as the most preferred candidate.

3. Peter Obi:

Obi’s body language in recent times has shown the erstwhile governor of Anambra state has an eye for the Presidency in Nigeria.

Having successfully pulled his weight in Anambra and won the heart and votes of the people, on several occasions despite having no political experience prior to his running for governorship in 2003, Obi is most likely going to willingly test his political popularity on national level, if given the chance in the race for the 2019 presidency.


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