Nnamdi Kanu: What Fani-Kayode said should be done to Arewa Youths


Former Aviation Minister, Femi Fani-Kayode, has weighed in on the call by made by Arewa Youths to the Presidency to order the re-arrest and detention of the national leader of the Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB), Nnamdi Kanu.


According to the ex-Minister, the youths of Northern extraction need to be stopped and scolded for making such a demand.

He stressed that what Arewa Youths are doing over the Biafra agitation is tantamount to stoking a fire that may end up consuming the country.

Fani-Kayode said on Saturday: “The Arewa Youths that demanded that the Igbo must leave the North by October 1st and that have now given the federal government, an ultimatum to arrest. Nnamdi Kanu in the next 10 days are stoking a fire that may end up consuming Nigeria.

“They must be gagged, put in chains and spanked hard!”

It could be recalled that the Speaker of the Arewa Youth Assembly (AYA), Mohammed Salihu, while addressing a news conference in Abuja accused the federal government of aiding and abetting Kanu to breach his bail conditions.

He said: “The Leadership of Arewa Youth Assembly has observed with keen interest the high level of lawlessness exhibited by Nnamdi Kanu since he was granted bail in June this year and the conspiracy of silence displayed by the federal government and its security agencies in the face of such affront by the IPOB leader. No doubt, this lawlessness is capable of disintegrating this country.

“The most surprising and amazing of this is that the Federal Government is watching while Nnamdi Kanu is creating a state within a State, threatening to stop Anambra State gubernatorial election by holding rallies in South South and South East states and using provocative and inciting words, granting interviews to the press, which pose a threat to national unity and security.

“We therefore, wish to advise the Acting President to sit up and be in firm control of the government of Nigeria and begin to address the myriads of issues threatening the unity of this great nation,” the Arewa youths said.


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