5 foods that can help 21st century Igbo woman develop flat tummy


There’s nothing more frustrating for a 21st century Igbo woman than having all her fitness and diet efforts sabotaged by having a big tummy.

Igbo woman flat tummy

An Igbo woman’s key to a flat tummy in the 21st century is avoiding salt and incorporating these ingredients into her diet.

1. Avocado (Ube Oyibo)
The popular fruit might just help you achieve flat tummy quicker.

Avocados are “loaded with potassium, which is a key player in ridding the body of excess sodium and, therefore, dreaded water weight.

They’re also high in soluble fiber and a healthy fat, which helps the Igbo woman feel fuller on smaller portions.

2. Ginger
You might already think of ginger when it comes to settling an upset stomach, and the reason is it is high in a digestive enzyme called zingibain.

Ginger is also known for being a powerful antibacterial and anti-inflammatory food—in other words, all-around goodness for your gut.

Obindigbo.com.ng suggests making a tea with peeled ginger by boiling it in hot water for 10 minutes.

3. Watermelon
Another staple the 21st century Igbo woman likely already have sitting in her fridge is watermelon. Since the fruit is high in water content, it helps regulate salt levels and flush out excess water.

4. Fresh tomatoes
Tomatoes (fresh) are packed with the antioxidant lycopene, which is known to have extremely effective anti-inflammatory and de-bloating effects.

5. Oats
Oats balance the bacteria in your gut. This is known as a prebiotic effect, which improves your digestive system and works wonders to reduce bloated stomach.


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