Why sounding ‘Igbotic’ in music makes sense – Paul Okoye of Psquare


Igbotic artistes have more polished cheque books and are the ones truly keeping it real, says Paul Okoye, one-half of Psquare.

Why sounding Igbotic in music makes sense – Paul Okoye of Psquare

The singer made this claim during a recent TV interview in which he asserted that he is proud of his strong Igbo accent.

Paul Okoye said sounding ‘Igbotic’ in your music does not indicate a lack of education; hence people should stop looking down on those with a strong ‘Igbotic’ accent.

While lashing out at critics of his ‘Igbotic’ accent, he said, “When a French man speaks English with his accent, they say he sounds romantic but when an Igbo man tries, they say he sounds very Igbotic.”

“Do we actually think being educated is by speaking polished English? You are a TV presenter, he is an ‘Igbotic’ artiste; my sister, how much is your salary?

“What language is your bank alert speaking? How polished is your cheque book compared to that ‘Igbotic’ artiste? I am a proud Igbo boy and when I speak English I still have my father’s tongue rolling.
The singer also urged other “Igbo brothers and sisters” to be proud of their accent.

“That is keeping it real not faking it… shout-outs to all my Igbo brothers and sisters out there keeping it real. When next they say you sound Igbotic, please be proud of it,” he added.


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