Listen and Download Biafra Anthem (Music and Lyrics)


Have you heard of the inspirational Biafra Anthem?

Biafra anthem

The Biafra anthem titled: “All Hail Biafra” is a well composed piece that recalls how Ndi Igbo gained independence and victory from Nigeria through tears and blood.

It eulogizes the Biafra state and expresses hope that Biafra will shine forever and shield Igbos from fury.

Very inspiring… You can now listen to Biafra anthem and download it… Easy and fast!

The Lyrics to Biafra anthem is written below while the download link is below the 4th stanza



    All hail Biafra
    Land of the rising sun, we love and cherish
    We have vanquished our enemies, all hail Biafra
    God Bless Biafra, in Him we trust
    Shout it sing it, all hail Biafra


    God bless Biafra
    We have emerged triumphant, from all our foes
    Through the crucible unscathed, we passed victorious
    Our trumpets pealing, the glorious song
    Play it, sing it, all hail Biafra


    Oh hail Biafra
    We shall always remember, all that perished,
    In the struggle for our freedom, all hail our heroes
    Our prayers shall bemoan, both day and night
    Say them always, all hail Biafra


    All Hail Biafra
    Now our star shines everywhere, we crave humility
    God guide and protect us all, all hail Your Wisdom
    Shielding us from fury, unleashed by our enlightenment
    Biafra, Biafra, shinning forever


A quick story of how Igbos were unustifiably duped at the end of the civil war in 1970
At the end of the war, the Nigerian Government ordered that all biafran currencies must be deposited into a bank account immediately or they are worthless. After everyone complied with the directive, they again ordered that every former Biafra account holder will receive only the sum of 20 pounds regardless of how much they had in their account.

This I believe was the most unjustified act of the war as heads of households were forced to rebuild their financial holdings as well as support a typically large African family with only 20 pounds.


  1. Please I have a hiphop song that I did for the restoration of Biafra worldwide, titled all hail Biafra, I need it to be at your web to be more easier for our brothers and sisters to download it.I have been sending it through wattsapp but that is not the easy way to do it,and so much request that I can’t met their demand to send to them.
    Please can you help?


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