Some Holidays And Festivals The Igbos Celebrate


In the Igbo culture, the Ibo people celebrate lots of different types of holidays.

Some holidays include; Masquerades, Yam Festivals, and The Week of Peace.

Masquerades (Mmanwu) in the Igbo tribe, are held during festivals, annual harvest, burials, and other social gatherings.

Masquerades are colorful displays of costumes and masks. Most costumes are associated with spiritual elements.

In the past, Masquerades were used to maintain peace and order. Now they are used for cultural entertainment. This is due to the colonization of Nigeria but, traditions and beliefs are still shown threw the Igbo masks.

Yam Festivals
On the first day of the Yam Festival, the Igbo people honor their ancestors and their gods by creating an altar. Village men then go farm the new grown yams and give thanks to the village square.

The second day of the Yam Festival consists of watching young men wrestling. Also, constantly throughout the day there is eating, drinking, and talking.

Week of Peace
The week of peace was one of the means of unification for the Igbo people and appeasement for the gods in control over their crops. During Week of Peace families took the time to meditate and restore their inner peace. This event is important because it is followed by the gathering of the crops. They believe in order to have a good crop there must be no physical abuse or harmful language.

The Igbo clan also celebrates the major Nigerian holidays like the New Year’s Day (January 1), Easter (March or April), Nigerian Independence Day (October 1), Christmas (December 24 to 26).


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