20 Igbo Names To Give That Dream Child Of Yours


The Igbo is an ethnic group of southeastern Nigeria and by the mid-20th century, the Igbo people developed a strong sense of ethnic identity.

You can never be wrong to say that the Igbos have a distinct custom of appraising the supreme power of God while naming their kids.

What comes to the mind of every parent is giving that dream child a name that depicts the power of God or the tale behind the birth of the child.

At such, Obindigbo.com.ng has put together a list of top 20 names for every aspiring Igbo parent who looks to give that dream child of yours a suitable and befitting Igbo name.

Igbo Kids
Igbo Kids


Name Gender Meaning
Ozioma Male/Female Unique Good news
Uzoamaka Female The Journey is good or the road is good
Osinachi Male From God
Ifeanacho Male What we are looking for
Jamuike Male Motivate me/Inspire me/Encourage me
Daaluchineke/Chukwudaalu Male/Female God Thank You/Thank God
Ginikawa/Ginikachukwu Female What is greater than child/What is greater than God
Akwaugo Female Precious daughter
Sopuluchi Male Respect God
Akubundu Male Wealth Is Life
Amaogechukwu Female God’s time is the best
Ibeamaka Male There is love in companion
Azuka Male/Female Experience makes us strong
Akumjeli Male/Female Wealth that I will enjoy
Isioma Female Good luck
Ositadimma Male Let all be well from now
Onochie Female A replacement
Chukwunomso Male/Female God is near me
Fumnanya Female Love me
Akuabia Male Wealth has arrived




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