4 Things Pregnant Igbo Women Should Share with their Partners


pregnantIn Igbo land, pregnancy and motherhood are spiritual, physical, and emotional moments for the womenfolk.

For many families, pregnancy as well as motherhood is a thing of great joy, excitement, and curiosity.

Therefore, in going through the processes of childbirth in accordance with Igbo tradition, there are several things pregnant Igbo women should  share with their partners, and they include:

  1. Pregnancy Calendar:
    Igbos believe pregnant women should let their partners know about their pregnancy trimesters, and due dates. This is to let their partners know what to expect as well as possible conception dates.
  2. Pregnancy Documents:
    Documents related to pregnancy, medical check-ups, ante-natal care, ultra-sound etc. these documents will help the partner of the pregnant Igbo women, as heads of their respective families, to prepare for the arrival of the newborn(s).
  3. Mother-to-be’s Excitement:
    Igbos have the believe that the emotional excitement associated with pregnancy, and internal rumblings and movement of the child within the women should be shared between pregnant women and their partners. That is why pregnant women are encouraged to allow their partners to regularly place hands around their wombs.
  4. Labour Pains:
    Igbos encourage male partners to be present during their wives’ childbirth., because this gives the women a sense and feeling of sharing their labour pains with their  partner as well as enhancing the emotional chemistry or bond within the family.



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