5 Secrets for making Your Love Relationship with an Igbo Person Last


Igbo Love RelationshipsLetting your partner know how much you love him or her is accomplished not just with gifts, but rather the little things you do everyday.

This season shouldn’t be the only period you’ll go the extra mile for you better half.

Below are 5 secrets to making your love relationship to an Igbo person last:


  1. Touch Each Other:
    it is easy to forget about little things that come together to a big difference in a relationship things like; a simple touch, a brush of your hand on her cheek, rubbing his shoulders after a hard day’s work, holding each others arms during a soulful conversation etc
  2. Laugh together whether it’s a modest gaggle a loud laughter;
    laughter really is the best medicine. It can prove to be a positive plus to your relationship with an Igbo person especially if the relationship needs “bandaging.” Apart from that, a number of studies has linked laughter to a healthier heart, reduced relationship stress and tension as well as improved immune function of the body.
  3. Always Give Your Igbo Partner a self esteem boost:
    Which Igbo person doesn’t want to feel good about himself or herself? Selfish as it may seem, very Igbo person desires positive attention as well as re-assurances he or she is loved. Just go ahead and tell your Igbo partner how proud you are of their achievements. You may cite specific examples to clear doubts that you’re flattering him or her in order to fulfill an ulterior motive.
  4. Disagree when it Counts:
    if you think happy igbo couples don’t argue, think again! When you bottle up your frustrations, you’re head straight for an angry explosion. Don’t let things build up and get out of hand. We advise you always talk to9 your Igbo partner about what’s bothering you and encourage him to do same simply because, you both entered as separate and unique individuals.
  5. Dream Together:
    What’s the point of committing to an Igbo person unless you’ve got high hopes for your future together. It’s important that you not only plan for the basics – the house, the kids, the cars, the holiday vacations but also for your individual and joint dreams and aspirations.


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