4 Easy Stress Busters for Christmas Day


christmas day

After the fun and celebrations on Christmas day, you may be in need of “serious”  relaxation to bust on your stress, relieve yourself of them, and calm your nerves as well as regain lost energy.

 We present to you simple stress relieving indulgences you coul;d enjoy in your own home on Christmas day at little or no cost:

  1. Pucker Up:
    Kissing your partner after Christmas day fun will not only burn up some calories off the two of you, it’ll also improve your sense of well-being as well as strengthen the bond between the two of you.
  2. Bite-Up Some Chocolate:
    There are benefits to biting and chewing-up some chocolates on Christmas day evening after you’ve had some fun and need some rest and relaxation. Beyond the seductive taste that chocolate has,  dark chocolates can lower blood pressure. They also contain high levelo of anti-oxidants (disease fighting compounds that stave -off diseases in the human body system.
  3. Laugh a lot on Christmas Day:
    There is enough evidence to show that there are several physical and mental benefits derivable from laughing a lot. Get a good dose of comedy when you fell stressed out on Christmas day. Catching some good chuckles and cracking of the ribs on Christmas day can improve your immunity and blood flow as well as stabilize blood pressure.
  4. Sip Some Herbal Tea:
    Herbal tea – black or green –  are very rich in anti-oxidants. But more importantly, the ceremony of making a cup of herbal tea can already get you feeling relaxed.



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