Foods Igbo Women Should Never Keep in the Fridge


foodsWhere should Igbo women store bread, potatoes, honey etc? Should they store tomatoes in fridge or counter-top?

While there may not be a definitely right or wrong way or, a general consensus on how to preserve certain foods among the over 800 Igbo communities in the South-East, some foods NEVER NEVER NEVER belong in the refrigerator.

For every Igbo households, storing these foods in the fridge can remove or alter the flavour of the food or, make them go bad fast:

  1. Tomatoes:
    Tomatoes will quickly lose their flavour in the fridge. No arguments… a trial will convince you! #lol
  2. Bread:
    The refrigerator will dry out your bread quickly; unless the bread is eaten within a few days.
  3. Onions and Garlic:
    Onions kept in the fridge will eventually turn soft and mouldy. As for garlic, just give it a few days, and it’ll start to sprout in your refrigerator.
  4. Potatoes and Plantains:
    Keeping potatoes and plantains in the refrigerator will turn their starch into sugar more quickly. Instead store them in paper bags in dry places.
  5. Avocado:
    Do you want a quick-ripened and smelly avocado fro your fried rice and salad? Just store it in the fridge… lol
  6. Tea/coffee beverages:
    Beverages will quickly lose their flavor and taste as well as take on the odor from the fridge.



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