How to tell or know if an Igbo Man Really Wants to Marry You


igbo manWhen an Igbo man wants to marry you,  he typically has no time to waste.

He meets  you now, makes a decision within six months, makes his intentions known to you and starts to make concrete plans. He doesn’t start expecting you to foot his bills, pay his house rent or, ask you to borrow money on his behalf to foot his private expenses.

He makes it clear to you that he has had marriage on his mind, and has been planning for it. He is mature and has come to understood what marriage is about, and knows it is to his gain, if he walks down the aisle with you some day.

Rarely will he think he’s doing you a favour by marrying you. rather, he sees your marrying him as  a mutual blessing both of you will share.

My dear  sister, if you meet an Igbo and date him for 4 years without marriage, you’re on a long tiin; for five years, you’re on a longer tiin; for six years, What???! You’re as good as dead… lol #Justsaying o!

But this article  is written to let you know when an Igbo man wants to marry you and he’s serious about it.


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