FOOD: Preparing Ugu Soup the Igbo Style


ugu soupIgbo Food – Ugu Soup


  1. Ugu (pumpkin) vegetables
  2. Water leaf
  3. Okporoko (Stock Fish)
  4. Crayfish
  5. Pepper
  6. Palm oil
  7. Fresh meat
  8. Dried Fish
  9. Kanda a.k. a Kpomo (Cow skin)
  10. Okpeyin
  11. Soup seasonings…

ugu soupMethod:

  • Boil your meat and okporoko in a pot with meat seasonings like thyme, onions, etc
  • When the meat and okporoko becomes well cooked, pour some palm oil into the pot of boiling meat, and allow to steam for a while.
  • Add your grounded crayfish, pepper,, and okpeyin.
  • Add the sliced kanda to the pot, and allow to boil for  sometime.
  • Then, taste for salt and other seasonings.
  • Lastly, add your washed and sliced fresh ugu leaves into the boiling pot of meat; stir properly, allow to steam for one minute before bring down the pot of ugu soup ready for serving.

Enjoy… Igbo soups are so simple to prepare!!



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