How Igbo Men Cope with long Distance Relationships


Igbo menIn love, some say out of sight is out of mind. But one thing that is so clear to most Igbo men in diaspora who maintain successful long distance relationships with Igbo women in Nigeria is the fact that keeping a successful long distance relationship afloat is not easy. However the secrets of success in such relationships are teachable and learn-able.

Igbos we already know generally love migrating to places outside Igboland in search of business opportunities. Like the Jews, Igbo men can be found in every city around the world yet many of them maintain successful relationships with Igbo women in Nigeria.

What is the relationship secret of these men? Obindigbo Magazine interacted with some of them to find out the secrets. Here are some of the tips they shared:

  1. We Keep the Long-distance Relationship Fresh:
    Obindigbo Magazine gathered that most Igbo men in diaspora who maintain long distance affairs with Igbo women in Nigeria often renewed that puppy love feeling by flirting, sharing jokes, calling each other funny names etc on the phone or over the internet, and also doing those little things they did when they where in the same city with their women. This kind of efforts have kept the long-distance relationship fresh and lively.Some Igbo men in diaspora admitted that when they could not see their significant other who is in nigeria, it all the more stirred them to think about calling home.
  2. We Communicate Everyday:
    Some Igbo men in diaspora who maintain successful long distance relationships with Igbo women in Nigeria told Obindigbo Magazine that they have had to realize that lack of communication can prey on insecurities and destroy their relationships. So, they had to look for means to reassure their loved ones in Nigeria of their commitment to the relationship. Some achieved this through some kind of daily communication – morning phone-calls, impromptu text messages, emails, instant messengers etc. They recognized that it is important for partners in a long distance relationship to keep each other up-to-date as they are not involved in each other’s day-to-day activities.
  3. We Still Live our Own Lives:
    Almost all the Igbo men in diaspora who admitted they maintained successful long distance relationships with Igbo women in Nigeria and therefore qualified to speak on this matter said they try to keep things in perspective and with a heart of patience. they told Obindigbo Magazine that they don’t let the relationship consume them or get in the way of their daily lives or businesses abroad.
  4. We Disagree but Don’t Argue:
    The Igbo men in diaspora with successful long distance relationships with women in Nigeria said they reserved state-of-the-relationship discussions for face-to-face encounters or phone-calls (if need be). They also admitted they avoid hashing out relationship issues, big or small, except in situations or environments that is convenient for such discussions with a view to arriving at fair solutions and decisions.


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