5 Mistakes Ladies Make on a First Date with an Igbo Man


igbo manBeing on a first date with a very handsome, educated, and wealthy Igbo man can be such an exciting experience for most ladies. It is possible for most ladies to become over-excited, and start to mess things up. The key is to relax, enjoy yourself, and not talk too much.

Obindigbo Magazine presents to you five common mistakes ladies make that piss Igbo men off during a first date. These are also things you should avoid, if you’d want a second date.

  1. Talking Too Much:
    If you dominate the conversation with issues about yourself when on a first date with an Igbo man, he’ll perceive you as being self-centred. We are not saying you shouldn’t talk about yourself. It is important that you make sure you’re listening to your man as much or, even more than you’re talking. This, we can guarantee makes an Igbo man feel flattered and special.
  2. Forgetting Your Manners:
    Bad manners aren’t attractive to a rich and educated Igbo man, and they are more likely to irritate him. To impress him, you must show you’re a thoughtful, polite, and caring woman. Otherwise, you’ll never succeed in impressing a sophisticated man of Igbo origin.
  3. Pretending to be Something You’re Not:
    In an attempt to impress an Igbo man, most ladies are tempted to exaggerate, dress-up the simple truth or just plainly tell lies on first date with Igbo men of wealth and sophistication. It is better you stick with the truth, and it’ll be a lot easier to remember what you said in future moment…. lol
  4. Making Poor Instant Judgments:
    Yes, it’s true that most ladies make up their minds as to whether they like an Igbo man in the first few seconds or minutes of being with him. But such instant judgments could be misleading especially when they are not objectively considered. Try not to be too quick to judge him except you’ve have objectively done so or, too fussy or rigid about what you’re looking for in him. Once an Igbo man notices that you have judged him wrongly… then, he’s through with you. An Igbo man will rarely try to convince you that he is good especially when you have a negative opinion of him. He’ll basically leave you to wallow in your ignorance of him while he tightens his wallet against you so that you won’t see his Naira no more… lol
  5. Taking Things Too Fast:
    Take your time to know him before getting involved with his pocket and penis. The things in between an Igbo man’s wallet and his legs can be very powerful in enslaving ladies. If you start asking for money or giving out signs that you want him for sex on your first date, you’ll quickly lose respect in his eyes. It will pay you more if you can establish that there’s more to the relationship before you start asking him for money or giving him signs to sex you. It is only at this point you can be sure to have hooked him for life.



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