10 Reasons Getting Married Isn’t Difficult For Igbo Women


igbo womenMarriage doesn’t pose a challenge to most Igbo women who pull down some barriers and adhere to certain rules… lol! Mr. right is always some steps away. Here’s why:

  1. They Don’t Play hard to Get:
    Some Igbo ladies don’t pretend to be busy for too long, when asked out on a date; neither do they feign nonchalance, when they really desire the man asking them out.
  2. They Don’t Hold Onto the Past:
    Some Igbo women who are easily snatched into marriage don’t hold onto an ex- or, a failed relationship for so long, because it makes it hard for them to find a new one. They simply let go!
  3. They Don’t Flirt:
    Serious Igbo women who want to be engage in serious relationships do not play around. they get down to the real deal. They seem to subconsciously recognize that no man wants to marry a woman who is known for hopping into every available bed.
  4. Most Igbo Women Don’t Fancy Internet Romance:
    most Igbo ladies, who don’t see marriage as a challenge prefer to meet new people and stick to more realistic ways of meeting people than the internet.
  5. They Don’t Habour Stereotype:
    Some Igbo women don’t push others away or hold pre-conceived ideas about intimacy. That is why most of them don’t fear commitment or, are  easily made to become needy as a result of fear caused by stereotypes in the heads of some other women.
  6. They are decisive:
    Some Igbo ladies  are clear and certain about what they want in a relationship and they set out  to get it. That’s why they don’t stay single for so long.
  7. Some Igbo Women are Flexible:
    Igbo women who easily get suitors seekinbg their hands in marriage may already have a picture of their ideal man in their heads. But they are also very flexible in their choice, and realistic too. They seem to intuitively know that there is no perfect husband anywher ein the world.
  8. They socialize:
    Some Igbo women hate working late nights or on weekends. They create free time to and spend them with their man as well as other friends and relatives.
  9. They Have Self-Belief:
    Those Igbo women who don’t consider marriage a challenge believe in themselves, They love themselves they way they are.
  10. They Fell Bold and Secure:
    Some women worry that they will break up with their man rather too soon. And this worry make sthem stay single much longer. the trick is boldly find someone and develop that relationship everyday.



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