Benefit of Rest and Relaxation


rest and relaxation
The parts of the human body are structurally designed to complement each other. That’s why if one part fails to properly work, the entire system breaks down. In contemporary south-east Nigeria, most individuals work non-stop between 8am – 4pm daily without recourse to the health consequences of this routine, which leaves them stressed out, and in dire need of medical attention.

Rest and relaxation are similar terms used in different contexts, and both words are familiar to everybody, but it is not everyone that understands the benefit of rest and relaxation. We tend to take our bodies for granted until something goes wrong.

Rest and relaxation are essential to human existence, and are beneficial for boosting the human immune system, as well as achieving freedom from illnesses of many kinds including the maintenance of fitness.

Rest improves the sensory organs of the human body, while relaxation helps one achieve a younger look. Both rest and relaxation have been scientifically proven to have a direct relationship with one’s life expectancy this is why the benefit of rest and relaxation cannot be over-emphasized.

“What better way to relax?” is a good question for the mind. Exercise and good sleep aids relaxation of the human nerves.

As with most things in life, moderation is key. So, no matter the technique you choose for relaxation, be sure that your it suits your personality and your body system. Make sure to visit a medical doctor for counselling, if you are having issues with resting and relaxing.

From Obindigbo magazine we say “Take care of yourself; rest and relax for your health is your wealth.”




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