6 Ways Igbo Women Prevented Sagging Breasts


saggy breastsDealing with sagging breasts is not a new thing in Igboland, yet it is not something women of today want to openly talk about. But in this write-up, I’m presenting to you some tips gleaned from the methods Igbo women of past generations adopted in dealing with and preventing their ta-tas from sagging.

They are ways we can also adopt to give ourselves a lift, and prevent our breasts from becoming saggy from the get-go!.

Here are six natural tips on dealing with sagging breast:

  1. Maintaining a Steady Weight:
    When Igbo women of the past dealt with sagging breasts, one of the best things they usually did was maintaining a steady weight. This means they kept their body weights steady.An unmonitored increase in the fat around your breast due to weight gain can cause you ugly stretchmarks around the breast and jeopardize every other effort you may be making..
  2. Saying No to Tobacco Smoke:
    Each time Igbo women of the past attempted dealing with saggy breasts, one principal thing they  did was stopping or, never starting to smoke! Tobacco smoke causes sagging breasts just like it causes wrinkles.Tobacco smoke causes the skin around the breast to lose its elasticity and flexibility over time. So avoid it like plague.
  3. Supporting the Breasts:
    Another way Igbo women of past generation prevented sagging was to support them with proper artistic bra when they are engaged in their daily chores.Excessive movements of the breast can cause a lot of bounce and the tearing of  some supporting ligaments in the breasts. Support your breasts with an appropriate bra, when you’re working.
  4. Practicing Proper Posture:
    Having good posture not only helped Igbo women of the past look more confident and slimmer, it also helped their breasts appear perkier. A slouching posture makes the breast droopy and saggy.Sit and stand straight all the time.
  5. Massaging the Breasts:
    In the past generations, Igbo women dealt with sagging breasts by massaging them to keep them in tip-top shape. Massaging the breasts can help release stagnant fluid, which facilitates the re-shaping of the breast to give them a lift.
  6. Pounding Staple Foods:
    Igbo women in the past generations enjoyed pounding staple foods like yam, coco-yam, and cassava, because the exercise builds their area muscles behind the breasts and makes them firmer which also boosts the appearance of the breasts.

The above six simple tips helped Igbo women of past generations deal with sagging breast without any resort to medical surgery.


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