Let schools teach in Igbo language – Varsity Don tells Southeast leaders

Imanuel Jannah
By Imanuel Jannah March 10, 2017 20:37

igbo language, schools, education, south-east, leaders

A Professor of Socio-linguistics and Igbo Stylistics, Faculty of Arts, University of Ibadan, Herbert Igboanusi, has suggested a reform in education system in Igboland built on Igbo language.

He made the suggestion at an inaugural lecture in his honour. The lecture was entitled: “The Conflicts and Politics of Language”

Igboanusi questioned the continued use of English Language as the sole medium of instruction in schools in Nigeria, given the declining performance of students in English Language at all levels.

He said that in spite of the constitutional guarantee for bi-multilingual education in Nigeria, the policy was no longer being implemented in the South-Eastern part of Nigeria.

According to him, when the education of a child begins with the mother tongue, the child is likely to succeed academically and better able to learn additional languages.

Igboanusi identified socio-political factor as one of the obstacles against the successful implementation of bilingual education programmes.
igbo language, schools, south-east, leaders, education
He said the politics of bilingual education in primary schools had a direct impact on the performances of students in secondary and tertiary levels of education.



Imanuel Jannah
By Imanuel Jannah March 10, 2017 20:37