Why I Rejected Jonathan’s Money – Rev. Mbaka

By KayCee February 2, 2016 10:27

Rev. Fr. Ejike Mbaka of the Adoration Ministry Enugu has said his recent transfer out of Christ the King Parish was the will of God.

The Enugu parish leadership recently transferred the fire-brand cleric from Christ the King Parish in the Government Reserved Area (GRA) of the state to Our Lady Parish, Emene, a suburb of the state.

However, speaking to newsmen last Sunday, January 31, a day after he moved out on transfer to a local church in Emene, the cleric opened up on a number of issues from his life and ministry to his encounter the wife of former president, Goodluck Jonathan and how he rejected monetary gift from Jonathan, Daily Sun reports.

When asked how his relationship with Patience Jonathan turned sour, he replied: “So the case of Jonathan and the wife, God in heaven knew that apart from the offertory the woman gave at the Altar, (which amount I knew), I took that amount and put in the bag that one of the aides of the former President brought (it was a small bag filled with dollars in appreciation). But the Holy Spirit said, send back this money and I returned the whole money plus the one she put as offertory. All of them were returned back. There is no one kobo of Jonathan or Mrs Jonathan in my hand. The Holy Spirit rejected all of them. When the saga was going on, I put my hands on the altar, swore an oath that if I ever touched Jonathan’s one kobo, may he win the election and that if I never and I was being accused of it, he would fail the election.

“So, why would I take money from Mrs. Jonathan, for what? If I need money from them, I know what was offered me, but I don’t need that kind of money. At that time, people were saying N5 million, but if I tell you what I was offered, you will drop what you are holding. Two senators were there when I returned the money; one of them, said if he was in my shoes, he would take the money and be prepared to die. He said a normal man of God could not return it and I said then, I was not normal. I left the money there and came back. So, when they could not give me their number, they asked Kennedy Opara to give me his number. So, I would call Kennedy that we were praying for them to win the election.  I did not prophesy the day the woman came. I was praying for them and then on December 31, the prophecy came undiluted, just like the prophecy of 2013 that Nigerian oil boom time will turn to oil doom, that Jonathan should wake up and diversify our economy, that in no distant time, our naira would have a problem, our oil would fail in the market. The warning was for us to maximise the boom time and wait for the doom period.”

PRESIDENT BUHARI RECEIVES REV FR MBAKA. 0A. R-L; President Muhammadu Buhari and Rev Father Mbaka during an audience with President Buhari at the State House. DEC 18 2015.

PRESIDENT BUHARI RECEIVES REV FR MBAKA. 0A. R-L; President Muhammadu Buhari and Rev Father Mbaka during an audience with President Buhari at the State House. DEC 18 2015.

Father Mbaka cited some of his prophecies that had come to pass which no one believed when he said it. He noted before Abacha died, he got a prophecy and instead of his aides coming to ask about the solution, they tried to kill him.

That I am a priest does not mean I am not Ejike Mbaka.  So, there is nothing fake or political about my prophetic life. I don’t say things to gain anything. Even President Buhari, when it was prophesied that he was going to be the president, I had never seen or known him then. When eventually I met him (Buhari) when I went for prayers at Aso Rock (not the one people saw me shaking hands with him), what I demanded from him was good governance for Nigeria. I didn’t ask him to give me one kobo. One kobo of Buhari has never entered my hand,” he said.

The Rev. Fr noted that Buhari assured him of good governance, adding that it was still too early to judge him but that he has done well so far.

Look at the case of moral probity, how he, without mincing words, said no to same sex marriage. It’s unAfrican; he said it’s not debatable in Nigeria. So, if Buhari is touching the nucleus of the country, which is the moral probity and enhancing spiritual value, he has succeeded. 

“Also, look at the issue of Boko Haram; somebody who came to fight terrorism, even though there are skeletal attacks here and there, but the issue of gang-up of Boko Haramic force, operating with flags and taking over the country is a dead story. So, he has succeeded; kudos to him. No matter how other people are seeing him, they must learn to see the good part of him; he is doing his best, but Nigerians must do their best too. So, the man who is fighting terrorism doggedly like this, has he not succeeded? We should clap for him, even if he has not gotten 100 per cent; 98 per cent is not a small mark.

“In the area of corruption, for the first time, the untouchables in Nigeria are being touched. Courageously, he is moving, like a lion; not to get anything from it but to save Nigeria, the sinking Nigeria. If it’s not somebody like Buhari, by now Nigeria will be a country for sale,” Mbaka added.



By KayCee February 2, 2016 10:27