Car­dinal Okogie Mocks Metuh, Other Alleged Looters

By KayCee February 1, 2016 19:04

The Archbishop emeritus of the Catholic Archdiocese of Lagos, Car­dinal Anthony Olubunmi Okogie, has mocked Nigeria’s treasury looters, saying they have committed a crime against humanity and God.

In an interview with National Mirror, the former Archbishop speaks on the ongoing probe of $2.1bn arm scam, President Muhammadu Buhari’s fight against corruption and the inability of states to pay their workers among other topical issues.


Read excerpts from the interview below:

The $2.1bn which was meant to buy military equipment to fight insurgency by the last regime was allegedly diverted into private pockets and the investigation is ongoing. How do you see such situation?

“Any reasonable person will tell you that diversion of property not to talk of money should be looked into properly. This is because if I give you N10m to go and do something for me and I have categorically said go and build a house and you use my money for something else and you come back and tell stories , I think before man and God in the first place it is criminal. That is number one point, the money is alleged to have been provided for the purchase of arms. So dishonesty is involved which is wrong and for gentlemen of that caliber, I think it should be looked into seriously . And after proper investigation, and they are found guilty, then of course the law should take its course.”

How do you see the effort of President Muhammadu Buhari to fight corruption in the country?

“The way I am seeing Mr. President fighting the corruption problem I think if he wants to make a proper headway of it, he should fight from known to unknown. What I mean from known to unknown is that accountability should be there. He must start from known, get his facts ready, then you start going to the unknown. But the way I am seeing it, he seems to be muddling everything together. That is why the thing is not too successful. Like the $2.1bn arms deal, who are those involved. In the first place was $2.1bn actually given, you must know. Then from there, who authorized the $2.1bn to come out? These are the known. Then from there you start going to the unknown, who are the people that took the money? That is how I think he should go about the whole thing. There should be accountability to the public, because we learnt that some money has been retrieved. Then you start going to the unknown, how do we get the money from these people.”



By KayCee February 1, 2016 19:04