Oshodi Market: Eze Ndigbo Calls For Peace

By KayCee January 20, 2016 18:44

Eze Ndigbo of Lagos state Christian Uchechukwu Nwachukwu has sympathised with traders whose shops were demolished at Owonifari Market, Oshodi. He said the demolition would, no doubt, affect their economic activities but he however urged them to accept the exercise in good faith in the interest of peace, unity and good neighbourliness.

Eze Nwachukwu spoke with reporters  at the Lagos State Igbo Community Centre, Okota Lagos said the demolition was not meant to punish the Igbo, who he noted are contributing to the development of the state and its economy.


On whether there was pre-information before the demolition exercise, Eze Nwachukwu noted: “Findings before me indicate that there were several meetings between the Lagos State Government and the leadership of the Owonifari Market. The problem could be that of inadequate dissemination of information on the part of the market leaders; to inform the traders about discussions between them and government on the need to demolish the Owonifari Market.

“If there was sufficient flow of information from the leadership of the market to its members, there would have been understanding as much as necessary for the traders to take advantage of the chain of dialogues and agreements reached among representatives of the traders and government officials on the proposed demolition of the market.”

Eze Nwachukwu went on: “If those doing business in Owonifari Market, Oshodi were Igbo alone, anyone would be justified to claim that the action was targeted at the Igbo alone. But since there are other people from other ethnic groups that were affected by the demolition exercise, there is no basis to claim that the action was ‘anti-Igbo’.

“In the light of this, I plead with the leadership of Ohanaeze Youth Council (OYC) to reason with government in its explanation on the said demolition. It should be cautious of the kind of comments it makes so as not to portray government as wicked. I don’t think the demolition was ‘an act done in bad faith’ as government had explained that the demolition was carried out in pursuit of the proposed mega city status of Lagos State.”

Pleading with the traders to move into the new market provided by the Lagos State Government, Eze Nwachukwu urged the leadership of markets to ensure that their members were properly informed about government’s discussions with them to avoid misunderstanding.

“In the course of making inquiries into whether the traders were aware of government’s intention about the market, it was discovered that there were several meetings and discussions among representatives of the traders and government. It was in one of such meetings, I was informed, that the traders asked government to give them the shops at the new Isopakodowo Market, at the rate of N5, 000.

“Inasmuch as I know that costs of  s are more than N5, 000 in any part of the country, I plead with Governor Ambode to consider the plight of the affected traders and give out the shops  at a very reasonable rate, in such a manner that government does not lose out and the traders do not pay through their noses.”

Eze Nwachukwu appealed to traders to relocate to the new market to enable government to carry out its developmental projects. He also appealed to Governor Ambode to be guided by his usual humane principles to regard residents of Lagos as his sons and daughters.

He also appealed to all parties to show understanding on issues concerning development, adding that “for development to be realistic, something must give way, but not to the extent of making the people affected lose hope on their leaders. Nigerians should believe in oneness and co-habitation irrespective of our political and ethnic inclinations”.



By KayCee January 20, 2016 18:44