Five Things To Know About Late Pa Pius Okonkwo Ngige

By KayCee January 25, 2016 16:37

Minister of Labour and Employment, Senator Chris Nwabueze Ngige in a chat with said his late father, Pa Pius Okonkwo Ngige is a man who lived and died on the principles of truth, equity, and fairness.

Here are five things to know about the late icon.


1. Late Pa Pius Okonkwo Ngige was born in 1910 into the wealthy family of Obidiwe Ngige.

2. He enrolled first at CMS Umuru Ide Alor, later Central school Nnobi where he had his standard 5 with famous educationist, James Okigbo, father of foremost economist, late Pius Okigbo as headmaster.

3. He was baptized on May 27, 1927 and was a devout christian and a forerunner at St. Mary’s Catholic Church, Alor. He wedded his lovely wife, late Priscilla Ngige (Nee Okafor) from Nnobi in 1943.

4. Pa Akunnia Pius Ngige passed on last month at the age of 105 years.

5. He  lives on in Sen. Chris Ngige, the minister of labour, Emeka Ngige (SAN) and Edwin Ngige, an accountant.



By KayCee January 25, 2016 16:37