“Biafra Is A Deliberate Blackmail And Insult Against The Igbo”

By KayCee January 18, 2016 20:20

President of Igbo Question Movement Ben Onyechere, has described the agitation for an independent Biafra state as a deliberate blackmail and insult against the Igbo.

Onyechere described it as “unacceptable the endangering of the lives of young Igbo boys in the guise of Biafra.”


The former Special Adviser to former Vice President Alex Ekwueme in a statement yesterday said:

“The struggle for Biafra is a deliberate blackmail and insult against the igbo and those behind it should desist from smearing the image of the Igbo.

“Endangering the lives of young Igbos in the guise that they are Biafra is not acceptable because we cannot watch while our children are deceived and misled by a few selfish ones.

“As activities marking the 50th anniversary of the first Nigerian coup  are ongoing, it has become increasingly important to let our people understand the difference between struggle against marginalisation and the struggle for Biafra.

“While Biafra is a proclamation  of a state within a state which is illegal, political emancipation is attracting support and sympathy for Igbo. It is eminently clear that the Igbo have been short-changed in past administrations, particularly that of Jonathan where out of fear, Jonathan could not do anything for the Igbo.

“It is important to let us remember that Igbo have provided a vice president on which pedestal we should seek to produce the president of this country. The Igbo held the most important positions in this country before, for which reason we must imbibe the spirit of oneness.

“If Buhari chooses to undermine the Igbo, we cannot be discouraged because one day it will come to an end.”



By KayCee January 18, 2016 20:20