Group Blows Hot Air Over Plot To Smear Rev. Mbaka, PMB Relationship

By KayCee December 24, 2015 15:59

A cultural and pressure group known as Igbo Renaissance Movement has warned against an ongoing plot by some undesirable persons, who plans to smear the cordial relationship between the President Muhammadu Buhari and Rev. Father Mbaka.

According to the group, some politicians and their collaborators in the Southeast are making efforts to turn Ndigbo, especially the uninformed youths against their revered priest, Rev. Father Ejike Mbaka for always standing for the truth.

PRESIDENT BUHARI RECEIVES REV FR MBAKA. 0A. R-L; President Muhammadu Buhari and Rev Father Mbaka during an audience with President Buhari at the State House. DEC 18 2015.

PRESIDENT BUHARI RECEIVES REV FR MBAKA. 0A. R-L; President Muhammadu Buhari and Rev Father Mbaka during an audience with President Buhari at the State House. DEC 18 2015.

The statement read: “Mbaka is a leading light for Ndigbo.

“That they want to make it abundantly clear that Father Mbaka and President Buhari are not the problem of Ndigbo. The major problem of Ndigbo over the years remains her greedy, unrepentant and corrupt leaders, who always place their pockets above the collective aspirations and well-being of their own people. And that while it is true that Ndigbo have been marginalised in Nigeria, the marginalization of the Igbo nation, over these years, could not have been so deep without the evil collaboration of her self-seeking and dishonourable politicians.

“The Igbo nation has never felt so abandoned, under-rated and foolish as was the case under President Jonathan’s Administration – despite the pain and sacrifices which Ndigbo made to help Jonathan ascend to power – we have absolutely nothing to show for it.

“Today, all federal roads in the South East are deathtraps, Second Niger Bridge that should have been completed within his first three years in office has now entered a ‘voicemail’, no sea port nor dry port, no clean water, no power station etc., after six years of the Jonathan administration.

“The fact that Mr. Jonathan repainted the smallest airport in Nigeria named it Enugu International Airport even without redeveloping it or the strategic appointments he gave to some self-centred Igbo politicians cannot make up for these inadequacies.

“And that the decay in the Igbo nation, especially, that of infrastructure, could not have been so deep, had our governors and other leaders judiciously spent several trillions of naira which the Igbo had received from the federal allocations for her states and local governments, in the last sixteen years alone.

“The local government allocations, for instance, have largely been stolen by our governors, who built personal industries and shopping plazas with it. Charity they say, begins at home. We cannot continue to blame every other person, but ourselves, for our often shameful, disgraceful and inexcusable failures as a people.

“The renowned Father Mbaka has, over the decades, been a consistent advocate of peace, justice and good governance in Nigeria, but in Igbo land in particular. He has been a blessing, both spiritually and financially, to millions of Igbo people and their like over the years. Those who are trying to make him a scapegoat for our failure should look elsewhere.

“President Bihari too is not a hater of Ndigbo as our fraudulent politicians want us to believe. When he contested the presidential election in 2003, he chose Senator Chuba Okadigbo as his running mate, in 2007, he chose, Chief Edwin Umezoke as his running mate. Those were two full-blooded Igbo sons. Buhari was the only Head of State to have visited Mbuze Nanka, the gully erosion site in Anambra State, but could not do much owing to his sudden disengagement from office by a palace coup. Surely, he would not have done all this if he hated us.”



By KayCee December 24, 2015 15:59