Ebonyi Carnival 2015: Empowering Youths and Promoting Tourism Development


While some people in Igboland are fast abandoning their culture and traditions to westernisation, thinking nothing good could make out of it, The government of Ebonyi state has seen better reasons to revive the culture and traditions of its own people in order to simply empower youths, attract tourism and boost the economy of the State through the promotion of culture, among other benefits.
According to Chief Charles U. Ama (State Co-ordinator of Ebonyi Carnival 2015) one of the easiest ways to bring about sustainable economic development in any society is to develop culture and traditions of the people.

Main Focus of Ebonyi carnival 2015

The main focus of the maiden edition of Ebonyi Carnival 2015 is to revive the culture and traditions of Ebonyi people, which will showcase Who- Is-Who in Ebonyi state. Again, it will make Ebonyians know where they belong culturally and traditionally, so that no matter how long an Ebonyian has spent in outside the state or in Diaspora, he or she still know her origin.
How the Ebonyi carnival will empower youths in the state
The state government through the carnival is organizing Carnival/Governor’s Cup 2015 (a football competition amongst the local governments in the state) music performances from both local and international artists, fashion shows, pageantry, traditional dances and masquerades, story-telling Competition, gala night, march-past, a walk with the state governor Engr. Dave Umahi etc which will involve participants from all the local governments of the state.
These carnival activities would promote youth interest in Igbo culture and traditions. These will also help them to develop their personal lives and as well specifically sustain the culture and traditions of Ebonyi people.
The carnival will definitely attract tourism and development to the state. A lot of countries and states around the globe have developed practicing their culture and traditions. In Ebonyi state, for instance, there are different kinds of cultural dances like Ikpa, Ojuonu, Kokoma music that will be showcased during the carnival. These are wonderful traditional dances and music the world would like to see in display that can impact on youths positively.
Ebonyi carnival also aims to revive the culture of agriculture among the people and this we all know can boost the economics of the people and create jobs. Ebonyians are good farmers like the Benue and Cross Rivers indigenes.
Peace and unity…
Ebonyi carnival 2015 tagged; “In God we stand” is an event of culture and traditions that will promote peace and unity in Ebonyi communities and that is why Engr. Dave Umahi is working hard and supporting the efforts of the carnival committee. It is a common believe that every society must understand the culture and traditions of the people to have peace and unity.
The benefits of Ebonyi Carnival 2015
There are a lot of benefits following it. First, the carnival will attract people from different walks of life; Kings and Chiefs will be invited for chieftaincy titles; diplomats, ambassadors will come. Ebonyi state, through the carnival will become a centre of attraction that will create opportunities for the people especially youths to celebrate Igbo culture and tradition. Some of them will be privileged to showcase their skills, express themselves, and gain opportunities to study abroad while others will gain skill acquisition for self reliance.
Ebonyi state government under the leadership of Engr. Dave Umahi will be using the carnival to unite the people and reposition them for future leadership in the tourism sector of Nigeria and Africa.
Please don’t miss out of this opportunity!!!!
Watch Video of Carnival Co-ordinator, Chief Charles U. Ama discussing the tourism potentials and destinations in Ebonyi state on ObindigboTV

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Written by Dunu Okigbo


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