5 Things All Igbos Should Avoid On Christmas Day

By KayCee December 24, 2015 10:42

Christmas is in the air, and the towns, the weather, the people, the price of things in Igboland all give credence to it.

In the spirit of looking out for our people this season, we would love all Igbos to have a wonderful celebration, and as such we have put together 5 things you must not do to make in order that to a wonderful Christmas celebration.

1. Don’t be on the phone doing business calls all day:
Yes! Igbos love business but Christmas is a time to spend valuable time with your loved ones and you won’t be spending that valuable time with them (even though you are physically present) if you stay on a business call all day long on 25th December.

2. Don’t spend all your time on social media:
Make sure to be physically and mentally present with your family and loved ones this Christmas. Don’t spend all day texting and checking out other people on social media while your loved ones crave your attention. Plus don’t Instagram your Christmas food, we all have ours.

3. Don’t ask the price of the gift you receive:
Please, my dear Igbo ladies, this one is especially to you. Just say a big thank you to the person giving you a present and don’t go on to ask how much the person bought it. It nullifies the essence of the gift.

4. Don’t get too drunk on Christmas Eve:
No matter how hard it is for you to stop yourself when you get on the table with your alobams on 24th night, just try because you would have to spend the day with your loved ones and a hang-over won’t let that go well.

5. Don’t forget those without food:
While you merry this Christmas with all the good things God has given you this year, please remember your Igbo neighbours who have nothing, the poor, the destitute and the homeless. No matter how little your gift is, it will definitely make a difference.

Written By Dunu Okigbo



By KayCee December 24, 2015 10:42