5 Simple Ways To Get That Igbo Girl Of Your Choice This Christmas

By KayCee December 24, 2015 11:50

Christmas is here, and for some Igbo guys there is this one Igbo girl you have been dreaming of dating but have no idea of how to actually make it happen es[ecially this Christmas season. To help you out, we have put together five tips on how to Kolombi that Igbo babe without actually going through the rigors of “let me think about it” that is so common with young Igbo girls.

1. Buy her presents:
Everyone loves a surprise gift, especially Igbo women. So you would be doing yourself a lot of good in the direction of getting that Igbo girl you have been eyeing for a while through buying her a beautiful present.

2. Take her to Dinner:
Find a very exquisite restaurant or bar and treat her to a sumptuous meal on Christmas day.

3. Do some movies/Music concerts:
If she’s a movie/music lover, then offer to take her to the cinemas or take her to any of the numerous music concerts holding this period. It would be your lucky day, if you take her to a music show her favourite artiste will perform at.

4. Pay for her hair:
Most Igbo girls always have new hairdos for Christmas and you would actually be scoring some points, if you actually pay for her hairdo or even see her off to the salon.

5. Dress well yourself and dress her well:
Everyone likes an Igbo man who dresses well. Make a statement about your personality by getting her a Christmas dress but make sure you nfirst find out the kind of dress she likes to wear.
So go on my alobams, act on these tips and thank us after Christmas.



By KayCee December 24, 2015 11:50