Why Igbos Will Never Vote For PDP Again

By KayCee June 15, 2015 19:54
The south east chapter of the All Progressives Congress (APC), has blasted deputy senate president, Ike Ekweremadu over what it referred to as ‘unimaginative propaganda’ and has vowed never to vote for the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) again.
Ekweremadu was quoted to have said that he re-contested the senate presidency election when it seemed as if the south east and south southerners were being marginalized in order to ensure a sense of belonging and stated that the Igbos would vote for the PDP again if the need arises.
Speaking with newsmen, Osita Okechukwu, spokesperson of the south east APC, said it was enraged by the crass dished out by the deputy senate president, stating: “whereas, we do not begrudge our dear brother Senator Ekweremadu for his re-election as Deputy Senate President; however it beats our imagination that the Distinguish Senator relied on gossip-terrorists in reaching the conclusion that the South East and South South will be marginalized. It is miles far away from the truth”.
While also berating Ekweremadu for his statement which it claims is capable of denying the region the position of the secretary general to the government of the federation, a position many believe the region will clinch, the south east APC further alluded that: “for the avoidance of doubt, as of Saturday 13th June, 2015, and to date, when this unimaginative propaganda was riled out to hapless and anxious crowd by Senator Ekweremadu; President Muhammadu Buhari has not named the Secretary to Government of the Federation, Ministers, Advisers, Ambassadors, Boards etc. On which plank was this propaganda predicated?
“We are therefore at a loss, why the Distinguished Senator should choose this auspicious moment to play spoiler game, by wittingly or unwittingly throwing spanner on our wheel to clinch the coveted office of Secretary to Government of the Federation. Pundits may grab his unintended headline that we have been settled.

“May we ask, does the office of Deputy Senate President, in real political terms actually make South East and South South part and parcel of Buhari’s government? We do not think so.

“Or in other words we challenge Senator Ekweremadu to enumerate what he achieved for South East and South South with the office under President Goodluck Jonathan, his party man? Why didn’t we get additional state under their watch?”

“To us, without being immodest, one may amass wealth with the office; but Deputy Senate President in real-politics is more symbolic than substantial. Otherwise why the 2014 Constitutional Conference after our brother chaired the National Assembly Constitutional Amendment twice?”

“Contrary to Senator Ekweremadu’s submission, Ndigbo will not vote for Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) again, for impunity will no longer triumph. With President Buhari’s program to revamp Enugu Coal, build refineries, fix our roads, improve electricity among other projects, we see the South East and South South providing the critical supplement to President Buhari’s vote bank in 2019.

“In sum, we re-affirm our implicit confidence that President Muhammadu Buhari will not marginalize or penalize neither the South East nor the South South; for Mr President has repeatedly maintained that he belongs to everybody and that the past is prologue”.



By KayCee June 15, 2015 19:54