Bakare: I Saw A Giant With Igbo Clothing Pursuing Me In My Dream

By KayCee June 10, 2015 14:35

Outspoken and controversial fiery preacher, Pastor Tunde Bakare, might stir up another tribal argument in Nigeria’s media space with his recent revelation that he was pursued in a dream by a giant wearing an Igbo attire.

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In a YouTube video reviewed by SaharaReporters, Bakare who was explaining to his members about his recent collapse while delivering a lecture in Lagos said, “the cause was exhaustion: too much work, too much people’s pressure. I was discharged on Wednesday with a clean bill of health. I had not been taking enough water. So I am on compulsory medication of two liters of water per day”.

He went on to explain that his exhaustion was because of his frequent travels between Lagos, Abuja, London, and Atlanta, US. He further revealed that he ignored the warning signs in the days before his widely publicized collapse.

Bakare then went on to narrate to the congregation about a dream he had. According to him, a huge giant in Igbo clothing chased and mocked him.

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“One afternoon I had a dream. It was an unusual dream. I saw a ring on my little finger. I don’t wear two rings, I only wear one. I looked up and coming from my left side was an unusual giant I’d never seen before. It was unusually humongous and wore an Igbo attire. It was a giant and it was coming towards me. All that I knew to do was raise the ring up. As soon as I raise it it laughed and went on. I returned.”

Bakare was the vice-presidential candidate of the Congress for Progressive Change (CPC) during the 2011 presidential elections. He contested alongside President Muhammadu Buhari, but they lost the election.



By KayCee June 10, 2015 14:35