Imanuel Jannah
By Imanuel Jannah April 8, 2015 18:12

oba akioluDear Oba Akiolu,

With due respect to your traditional and cultural office as Oba of Lagos, I write this letter to you addressing the foolishness you expressed in your unguarded remarks which apparently threatened the Igbos and other ethnicities residing in lagos state, if APCs gubernatorial candidate – Akinwunmi Ambode is not voted as governor of Lagos on 11th of April, 2015.

In as much as I agree that you reserve the rights to think your own thoughts, say your own words or, carry out your own actions; I totally disagree that you have the right to threaten any ethnic group into voting Ambode as governor of Lagos state.

In my view, it is too puerile or, better put, too childish and immature for a first class traditional ruler to make the kind of threatening and incisive remarks you made in public as well as in the presence of the media concerning the forthcoming gubernatorial elections in Lagos state without thinking about the likely consequences such remarks will have on you, your image, your hearers, your followers, and the entire Yoruba nation.

Take it or leave it my dear Oba Akiolu, those unguarded and foolish remarks you made last Monday sold you to the world as a cheap, foolish, and attention-seeking man, who is uncontrollably hungry for a more prominent seat in Lagos politics.

Silence remains the best answer to a fool!

Leaders of Igbo nation at home and in diaspora will remain silent towards your unguarded remarks, particularly because, replying you will drag the entire Igbo nation to retarded and base level of reasoning you have exhibited during the courtesy call of some Igbo men Ifeanyi Ubah led to your palace.

Every royal father is expected, at all times, to exude nobility of the soul as well as exhibit a certain kind of maturity in both words and deeds. But in your case, the reverse is absolutely the case.

For this reason, Igbos will deny you the political attention you feverishly seek like a narcissistic and spoilt child by refusing to trade words or reply your nonsensical statements of threat to their lives and property, if Ambode is not voted as governor.

As a matter of fact, Oba Akiolu, you have given the world a reason to believe you do not deserve to be a traditional ruler in Africa, because you have suggested the spilling of African blood on the African soil because of a mere political office – the seat of Lagos state governor. The world now has a reason to believe you could have actually murdered a person or two who opposed your ascension to the throne some years back, because of your lust for power.

I love you so much my dear Oba Akiolu; but I stand back and condemn your indiscretion, your foolishness, your lack of nobility in spirit, your apparent psychological disorder made apparent by your unguarded remarks.

As it stands right now, the best path to regaining the maximum respect you have lost since last Monday is to publicly apologize to the Igbos and all other ethnic groups your referred to in your unguarded statements. And also, henceforth, you should desist from making such nasty, repugnant, and disgusting remarks in the future.

Thank you.

PS: Share this letter with friends and family.

Yours sincerely,

I. J




Imanuel Jannah
By Imanuel Jannah April 8, 2015 18:12