How Best should Igbo Women Wear their Sexy Lace Dresses?

Imanuel Jannah
By Imanuel Jannah March 15, 2015 08:18

Igbo Women in Sexy Lace DressesNo other material gives Igbo women that fun, sexy and feminine appeal like lace. Be it a casual or formal outing, Igbo women shouldn’t be afraid to experiment with lace because it is an elegant choice.

Here are a few tips on how best to wear lace dresses:

Colour pop

When wearing lace, Igbo women should invest in an array of bright and bold colours. They will make them appear young and fresh. Whether they chose turquoise, tangerine, or classic red, they shouldn’t be afraid to experiment. Stay away from black and white lace dresses and head for bright reds and pinks. A red lace dress would make an excellent party dress and is a great alternative to the little black dress.

Enhance your shape

Igbo women should wear lace to accentuate their curves by spotting a peplum lace number. This is an easy look that will make their waist appear smaller and enhance their figure.

Different textures

For a daytime outing, it is best to opt for a more casual look. If Igbo women are going to wear lace, they be sure to mix it up with different textures. For example, they should pair their favorite pair of boyfriend denim or a black leather skirt with a lace top. They should avoid wearing lace from head to toe because it will make them appear older.

Evening delight

A quality lace outfit is most suitable for an evening wear on special occasions. Longer dresses and gowns can be quite elegant while a black lace outfit is great for creating drama. Igbo women not be afraid to try white or cream lace either. If they are worried about a white lace dress being a bit too bridal, pair it with stylish accessories or colourful trimmings.

Invest in the best

Invest in high quality at all times. A lower quality of lace is better for pulling off a casual, day-to-day look. Heavier lace fabrics are also better for creating a casual appearance. Igbo women should choose a shorter length lace dress in neutral colours, and top it off with tan leather accessories for a fun, casual look.

Corporate look

Lace can be worn to the office by Igbo women, but there is a specific way to keep their outfit polished, not raunchy. They should make sure they choose neutral colours because wearing bold colours will be too daring for a conservative setting and eliminate the element of grace to their look. They shouldn’t go sheer instead, but they should stick with pencil skirts and blouses with thicker lace prints. They should ensure that it is not only the right fit for their frame, but also the correct length. If the dresses are too long, the lace dresses may give an effect of excessive weight whereas if their dresses are too short, they can look cheap.


The best part about a lace dress is that it can be paired up with almost anything and still look good.

-A broad belt with or without buckles can be used to define the waistline as a lace dress does not make it obvious unless is it extremely fitted. A brown leather belt almost always looks good with lace dresses. A ribbon will serve the same purpose. If Igbo women want a girly look, they can tie ribbons in the front and slightly off center in a neat bow.

-Lace dresses are visually very attractive and do not need heavy jewelry. Pearls have always been paired well with lace because both have a vintage feel to them. Depending on the look, Igbo women can also go for a simple pendant on a metal chain, a choker or a beaded necklace but they should wear accessories sparingly with lace.

-Suede pumps or peep toes blend in well with the lace texture. Igbo women should go for shoes that are in solid colours and do not have distracting details that can clash with the dress and take away from it.



Imanuel Jannah
By Imanuel Jannah March 15, 2015 08:18