3 Extraordinary and Young Igbos Doing Greatly in Diaspora


On today’s edition of Obindigbo world-view,  presents you with brief stories of 3 extraordinary and young Igbos who are doing you and us proud in diaspora. They are:

  1. Emmanuel Ohuabunwa:
    igbos emmanuel ohuabuanwa

    Emmanuel who hails from Arochukwu in Abia state is the first black man to make a 3.98 out of maximum 4.00 CGPA to bag a first-class in neurosciences from John Hopkins University, USA.For his efforts , Emmanuel was awarded a scholarship to Yale University to pursue a degree in medicine. Besides, he has been inducted into the Phi Beta Kappa society, a prestigious honours group that features 17 US Presidents, 37 US Supreme Court Justices, and 136 Nobel Laureate Prize winners.
  2. Kevin Okafor:
    igbos kevin okaforKevin drawing a life-like portrait of himself

    A remarkable and talented sketch artist. Kevin Okafor based in Tottenham has whooped a lot of international awards for his drawings that are often mistaken for photographs. His sketches sell for about $21,000 each.

    According to Kevin, it takes him about 5 days of working with charcoal and pencil to bring to life his sketches that have been described as more life-like than photographs

  3. Zain Asher Ejiofor:
    igbos zain ejiofor 

    Hollywood actor, Chinwetel Ejiofor’s, blood sister. Zain is a business and personal finance correspondent for CNN. where she appears across various platforms covering the latest news and trends on money and economy.Born and raise in London, Zain graduated from Oxford University where she read French and Spanish languages, and even bagged a distinction in oral Spanish. Apart form CNN, Zain a contributing reporter for forbes.com as well as The Guardian, The Oxford Reporter, CNNMoney, and Asmallworld.net.

    She covers business trends and consumer stories. Zain Ahser Ejiofor has lived in London, Mexico, France, and Nigeria. She fluently speaks Igbo, English, Spanish and French languages.


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