Style: Phyno’s 5 Tips for Maintaining Your Mohawk Hairstyle

Imanuel Jannah
By Imanuel Jannah November 26, 2014 06:36

mohawkThe famous Mohawk – Phyno’s hairstyle is not for the faint-hearted; that’s why very few persons manage to pull it off on the streets effortlessly and without fear of what the society will say about them. Perhaps, that’s why the mohawk “fever” or rather frenzy has refused to subside.

In fact, Phyno’s signature hair style(the mohawk), instead of fading-out, is becoming more versatile. Many youths in their late teens and early 20’s are still shaving-off both sides of their hair to achieve the mohawk effects.

So, Obindigbo magazine went underground and dug-up the following 5 ways, which reliable sources from Phyno’s team have revealed the Igbo rapper applies in caring for his Mohawk hairdo so that you can adopt and adapt to them, if your eyes are set on mohawks this forthcoming Christmas and beyond:mohawk

  1. Carefully shaving and trimming the over-growth, on a regular basis, is required to keep your mohawk in check and avert loose strands.
  2. Get a hair conditioner. Phyno regular “conditions” his mohawk to keep it soft and shiny.
  3. Use gel on your mohawk to keep it firm and curly.
  4. Splash a little bit of dye on the side of the mohawk to enhance  your appearance.
  5. Following the routine cycle of growing-trimming-growing-trimming… your mohawk can give it a genuine wavy look.




Imanuel Jannah
By Imanuel Jannah November 26, 2014 06:36