Publishers Note: What Exactly do the Igbos Want?

By KayCee November 1, 2014 09:49

What exactly do we want? Is it Biafra? Or, is it Unity of minds? I have to admit that many of us seem not to have decided yet.

Some of my experiences among our own brothers and sisters make me pause and think: ” Are we (Igbos) really united? Do we really share one love?”

In my view, I believe the Biafran dream is a noble one, and it is realizable. We (Igbos) never say “NEVER”! However, I think we need unity more. Unity first! With unity of minds and mutual acceptance we shall achieve Biafra quicker and with greater ease.

I don’t want to start lamenting my nasty ordeal amongst some of our people, but I have enjoyed a great “alobamness” with many of our people as well. I must acknowledge that some of us (Igbos) are very good people.

“Onye aghana nwanne ya”

Let us remain our brother’s keepers!!

Kaycee Oguejiofor
Obindigbo Magazine



By KayCee November 1, 2014 09:49