An Elegant Igbo Woman’s Tip for Wearing Long Skirts

Imanuel Jannah
By Imanuel Jannah November 7, 2014 19:06

long skirtsLong skirts or dresses look stylish on Igbo women of all shapes and sizes. Unlike mini-skirts or mini dresses, long skirts can be worn to almost every occasion. They only caution, says Mrs. Okeke, an Enugu-based fashion legend, is: “Take care to wear the right long skirt for your figure.”

She urged all Igbo women to always consider the golden rule of wearing long skirts before wearing one. Which is; “If you have a broad hips, go slim on top.” This means, for instance, you can combine your long flowing dress or skirt with a fitted corset or bustier for a night-out to dinner… lol

3 Tips for Wearing a Long Skirts

  1. When selecting a long narrow skirt, choose the ones that’s straight at the hips, but slightly flared towards the bottom.
  2. Long narrow skirts tend to be more flattering to tall slim Igbo women, and maybe overwhelming on a short, petite woman.
  3. Use bold accessories ( necklaces, bangles etc), and handbags to wear your long and flare skirts.

Go ladies… It’s time to wear it LONG!!!



Imanuel Jannah
By Imanuel Jannah November 7, 2014 19:06