8 Habits that Stand Between Igbo Women and Great Skin

Vivian Ifezue
By Vivian Ifezue November 28, 2014 15:45

Igbo Women and Great SkinHi, peeps, i am Vivian and it’s my delight to be your guide on beauty matters. In this post i will be sharing with you 8 habits that stand between Igbo women and great skin.

  1. Touching your face throughout the day results in skin breakouts and rashes.
  2. Wearing oil-based make-up and moisturizers clogs the pores of most Igbo women.
  3. Sleeping with make-up is a big NO for Igbo women
  4. Oily hair spray can run into the face and cause breakouts in the skin.
  5. For Igbo women, drinking water can never be over stressed.
  6. No matter the skin type, Igbo women should please wear sunblocks/sunscreens.
  7. Avoid stress. It causes frown lines on the face.
  8. Igbo women should eat more servings of fruits and vegetables each day.

Till next ¬†post on feminine beauty. For now, always remember that nature gives every Igbo woman her real face at 20, but it’s up to her to merit that face at 50.




Vivian Ifezue
By Vivian Ifezue November 28, 2014 15:45