How Igbos Can Become Successful in the Fashion World – Ugo Mozie

Imanuel Jannah
By Imanuel Jannah November 27, 2014 18:39

Ugochukwu Mozie

Most Igbo fashion designers are working on a daily basis, looking to make themselves relevant in Nigeria’s fashion industry, but very few know what they need to do to attain great heights of success, catching up with the likes of Enugu-born; but, New York-based Ugo Mozie of Ashton Mozie Fashion line.

Mozie, still under-25, has built a strong foundation and network in the fashion and entertainment world.

We present to you 4 tips Obindigbo Magazine gathered from Ugochukwu Mozie, which could help Igbo designers attain greater heights.

 Ashton Mozie’s Success Tips in Fashion Business

  1. Hard work pays. That is a statement that carries same weight anywhere in the world and for Mozie, that is basically one thing that fashion designers must adhere to strictly.It is not enough to acquire the skill. Dedication and diligence will make the designer a master of the trade, something that could be seen in Mozie’s statement.
  2. No one starts the marathon race and jumps to the finishing line in minutes. Patients is key to making relevance in the fashion industry.
  3. The New York -based Igbo designer also said that every designer must add new techniques to their trade to make them outstanding and unique.
  4. Mozie, however, stressed that the government’s involvement in the fashion industry was necessary to ensure that “the industry expands to its full potential and contributes to the growth of the Nigerian economy”.For years, the once booming textile industry in Nigeria has experienced setback, as a result of neglect of the sector that provides the raw materials to the textile companies – agriculture – and the power sector that has not improved to match the needed energy for production.Since crude oil became the mainstay of Nigeria’s economy, cotton farming was dealt a blow and that had a multiplier effect on the textile industries.A genuine commitment to reforming the agriculture sector and promotion of cotton farming in Nigeria would mark the beginning of further diversification of the economy and promotion of fashion.

Heyyyyy!!! For now, we suggest you follow these tips as well as increase your financial intelligence to reach the heights of success in the fashion world.




Imanuel Jannah
By Imanuel Jannah November 27, 2014 18:39