How Igbo Women Maintain Their Hair

Imanuel Jannah
By Imanuel Jannah October 29, 2014 14:31

wealthy igbo womenBeauty maintenance isn’t for the body and face alone. A healthy hair must undergo periodic rehabilitation.

To maintain your hair like some wealthy Igbo women, you have to adhere to the following rules:

  • Invest in Cleansing Shampoo:
    Some Igbo women invest in deep cleansing shampoo. This bottle of hair nourishing goodness is perfect for hair maintenance as they remove build-up of styling products already accumulated in the hair, and also shampoos strengthen weak tresses to keep them healthy once more.
  • Repair Split Ends:
    After a couple of months of pulling, tagging, and styling, Igbo women use products designed to moisturize the hair, protect locks from sp[lit ends and other nasty chemicals as well as detangle and smoothen the hair to make future styling kinder.
  • Use  Coconut or Shea Butter Oil:
    to stop heat from damaging their hair, some Igbo women apply coconut oil or Shea butter oil (both of which are rich in vitamin E and UV filter) on damp hair and dry with simple hand dryer.
  • Apply Hair Mask:
    Some Igbo women use hair mask to hydrate dry tresses and serve them with strength as well as moisturize them for a smooth finish. The fragrance also gives the hair a great smell.
  • Give Your Hair a Break:
    It is extremely important you give your hair a break from pulling, sew-ins etc. Most Igbo women sometimes rock permed hair or “unpermed” hair for a month or two without any braids or extensions. This allows the  scalp to heal and the hair to breathe.

4 Tips for Avoiding Hair Loss

  1. Stop combing the hair when it is wet.
  2. Stop scratching your scalp with finger nails or fine comb.
  3. Stop using hair dryer, ironing rod or crimping machine on your hair on a regular basis. They make the hair dry, dull and coarse.
  4. Stop using hair products excessively



Imanuel Jannah
By Imanuel Jannah October 29, 2014 14:31