Why Making Money is Simple for Some Igbos

Imanuel Jannah
By Imanuel Jannah October 30, 2014 16:48

making moneyDo all Igbos need to go to the university to know how to make money?

Of course not, becoming a rich Igbo person is about knowing deeply and intrinsically that you don’t need to be a university graduate to make money, and build your own big business according to the principles of wealth.

How do Igbos traditionally learn the principles of wealth? By studying the rich. Rich Igbo people accept apprentices, and they generally set-out their own business principles clearly to them. However, that is not the most ideal way to learn the principles of wealth, but it’s a good place to start.

In the 21st century, face-to-face with a consultant is becoming an options a lot of Igbos are considering. As time goes on, and more Igbos gain more financial knowledge and experience, they will manage to catch-up and meet other Eastern tribes of the World like the Chinese, the Japanese, and the Indians as well as the Jews in terms of wealth creation and development, and even learn more as well.

It isn’t a new thing, in Igbo culture, that youths assimilate what their masters have done, branch out on their own and improve on past practices. And that has been the only way Igbos fast track their financial education and make the process of making money simple for themselves.

Igbos long ago recognized that having sound financial education is what mads making money simple. And, they encourage their sons to go on business apprenticeships.

Truly financial knowledge is not hard to acquire to an Igbo man. Igbos easily forget the mathematics of accounting that is been taught in schools. Intsead, the just concentrate on knowing how to build successful businesses by putting their money to work for them and also have it bring back more money into their pocket. All they need is simply to learn how to do this. It is not difficult to a typical Igbo man even if it takes him years because, he knows that learning how to build successful businesses is what makes making money simple for him.

Igbos don’t just concentrate on the successes of others. They learn from their failures too. through the business apprenticeships they study how rich Igbo people spend their money as well as how they make it. They use others’ experience – it is invaluable.



Imanuel Jannah
By Imanuel Jannah October 30, 2014 16:48