How to Gain Sexy Muscles Like Other Igbo Guys

Imanuel Jannah
By Imanuel Jannah October 12, 2014 17:22


It is better to have a muscular frame than a fatty figure. Igbos generally believe that a strong muscular appearance of a man is a sign that tells of his strong health, enormous strength, courage and boldness, especially when the muscular build is coupled with a good use of the “sixth sense.”igbo

Take it or leave it, having sufficient muscles is an advantage to any guy. In Nigeria, Igbos are the ethnic group with the greatest number of muscular men.


Here are three ways Igbo guys gain muscular mass:

  1. Hitting the Gym Hard:
    If you’re looking to add muscles to your frame like other Igbo guys, then pumping the weights hard whether private or public gym is a must. Igbos realize that continuous lifting of heavy metal stimulates the muscles and make them grow bigger in response to the challenge a person throws at it.Weight lifting is a common practice in most Igbo neighborhoods in cities like Onitsha, Aba, Nnewi etc Scientifically, weight lifting has been proven to begin a chain of events that promotes protein synthesis essential for muscle-building.
  2. Eating Cassava and other High-Energy Foods:
    Eating for muscles is just as important as pumping for muscles. Most Igbos guys eat traditional high-energy foods, especially cassava, because they generally believe no other food supplies physical energy for heavy manly activities that build the muscle also prevent its atrophy like cassava.
  3. Sex Transmutation:
    In reality, sexual urge can be tough to control and channel towards muscle building, but the reward is worth the effort. with every sexual desire, ¬†comes the increased production of male sexual hormone – testosterone But if such desires are properly managed without ejaculation, the excess testosterone generated will be retained in the bloodstream and from there facilitate the further development and refinement of male physical characteristics such as larger muscle mass, deeper voice, rapid growth of the beards etc.Most Igbo guys you find in major cities like Onitsha, Aba, and Lagos have learnt how to manage sexual desire and transmute excess testosterone into biological muscle stimulants or steroids for building their muscles and taking deeper business risks. “This is easy for the Igbo guys to do, because most of their time is spent in the markets hustling.” some will say. However, whether true or false, male sex hormone can be channeled into the development of larger muscle mass.



Imanuel Jannah
By Imanuel Jannah October 12, 2014 17:22