All you need to know about Head Wears, Igbo women and men

Vivian Ifezue
By Vivian Ifezue September 7, 2014 08:26

head wear

Headwear has always been associated with fashion statements. it’s an accessory that has come to stay in the wardrobe of Igbo men and women alike. It comes in different forms, shapes, and sizes depending on an individual’s taste and choice.

So, what’s up with headwear? Indeed, this is a question to be asked to both the old and the young at heart.

Puttimg  on an attention grabbing headwear that makes a statement should relate to the outfit and the occasion you are attending. Having the right headwear on you can be an added plus to your appearance.

What makes headwear irresistible is the beauty and artistry that it communicates. The finishing, the colour combination, the embroidery, the use of other accessories to bring out a perfect looking headwear can make a big difference in your appearance.

There are several kinds of headwear for various formal or religious events. Some can be creatively combined to go with some kind of formal looking attire. headwears are essential for making Igbo cultural fashion statements in modern times. The all-time classic festival looks of a goddess can better be achieved with a creatively made headwear attracting a whole lot of attention and admiration to you. Headwear communicates alot that attract admiration.

Ichafu isi is a feature of Igbo traditional attire for women. it symbolises the grace and beauty of Igbo womanhood. Its size could depict one’s level of wealthiness. Okpu mmee mmee is for Igbo men and it communicates the nobility, the status, and  the prestige of the wearer.



Vivian Ifezue
By Vivian Ifezue September 7, 2014 08:26