Elombah.com’s Continous Attack on Gov. Willie Obiano

Imanuel Jannah
By Imanuel Jannah September 20, 2014 17:14


Since the 17th of September, 2014, after Elombah.com published a semi-balanced report that portrayed Governor Willie Obiano as wasteful, I have noticed that many discerning readers of that blog have held a contrary opinion on the matter.

A reader had asked “What might a 6 month old administration have committed against Elombah to warrant such a sustained campaign of  hate and traducement?” For Elombah.com to have sustained a one-sided campaign against Governor Willie Obiano, I say from the depths of my heart: “It is unfair and unprofessional!” Because,  I have accumulated experiences that say to my conscience that Governor Willie Obiano is doing well in the state.

Governor Obiano, coming from a professional background in accountancy, is a stickler for financial details. Ethical practice of journalism demands that even if Elombah.com must keep an eye on Governor Obiano’s use of state resources, it must observe him with a sense of objectivity and truth. It won’t be a bad idea if Elombah.com gives the governor benefit of doubt as an honour to the accounting profession that Governor Obiano belongs to outside of politics.

In as much as discerning readers of Elombah.com still fail to see the truth and finesse in the report titled: “How Governor Willie Obiano Rules Anambra,” I still insist on calling Elombah.com to order.

Elombah, in an attempt to produce an investigative report, missed an important part in the report production process, and consequently created a one-sided crappy report that is not good for public consumption. Elombah.com didn’t do a very good job in gathering relevant facts, and other important details befor publishing its report online.

Some claims in the Elombah report are not true. For instance, the allegation that Governor Obiano purchased 8 bullet proof cars in  six months is unfounded, and not consistent with facts on ground. Governor Obiano still uses the bullet-proof cars his predecessor, Peter Obi, used while in office.

Another instance is the report on the governor’s hotel bills in Abuja. For Elombah.com to have stalked Governor Obiano to the extent of knowing and reporting on the hotels he sleeps in each time he visits Abuja is absurd and bothers on either hateful obsession or, pyschological disorder.

Elombah.com may have got tips and leads that are worth following up in the interest of the public from sources close to the governor , but I still maintain that the blog did not do a thorough job at data and information gathering, and logical  analysis of available facts before publishing its “investigative” report.

I advise Elombah.com and other similar blogs to employ well-trained professional journalists to handle its news and information processes, if they must participate in today’s democracy without messing up the public sphere.






Imanuel Jannah
By Imanuel Jannah September 20, 2014 17:14