“I Didn’t Want to Die Fat” – Jachimma Schmidt

Imanuel Jannah and Vivian Ifezue
By Imanuel Jannah and Vivian Ifezue September 27, 2014 17:32

“I Didn’t Want to Die Fat” – Jachimma Schmidt

Economics undergraduate of Nnamdi Azikiwe University Awka, Jachimma Uchenna Schmidt is a big surprise to those who knew her back in 2013. This advocate for slimmer figure among Igbo women had studied in Brazil. though she is undergoing professional training in the social sciences, her childhood dream was to hit it big in entertainment, particularly in acting and modelling. This dream almost got shattered when she realized she was getting obese. Yet it didn’t deter her from making efforts to reduce her size. This has also inspired Igbo women all across Igboland and beyond to make efforts towards achieving their dream bodies and figures. Vivian Ifezue and Imanuel jannah caught-up with the outspoken beauty who had a “no-holds-barred” riveting afternoon with Obindigbo Magazine on her life’s journey so far, and her losing 36kg in six months.



First image: Jachimma Uchenna Schmidt in 2013 Second Image: Jachimma Uchenna Schmidt in 2014

Let’s get to know you. yell us more about yourself.

My name is Jachimma Uchenna Schmidt. Or, simply call me Jawchy. I’m from Anambra state; Nnewi to be precise. i am an undergarduate in the department of Economics in unizik. I residie in FESTAC town, Lagos.

Let’s be true to ourselves, your appearance is the main focus of this interview. What motivated your weight loss?

When people talk about old Jawchy and new jawchy, I really use to get upset. Because, there isn’t any difference. it’s still me. Although I’m currently like half my previous size; half my previous weight, but it’s still me – that very caring person. let me see… what motivated the weight loss was the bet I placed with my sister that I wasn’t going to lose weight when I get to Brazil, and when I got there, I gained like 12kg, moving from 100kg to 112kg in two months. it was horrible! i had never been so fat in my life. there was this day I stepped into a boutique with my host mum in brazil, and I realized my clothes were no longer my size. and I said to myself, in front of a mirror, “you’ve got to do something about your weight or, you’re gonna die fat” The thought of dying fat was crazy and scary.


What exactly did you do to shed some fat?

I started with registering with a gym, and i worked-out 5hrs everyday, 5 days every week. more importantly, there is this supplement I was taking in Brazil. it really helped with the whole weight loss thing.

What’s the name of the food supplement?

let me see… i will like to keep it to myself for now. But just in case you have anybody that really wants to lose weight, such a person can get in touch with me.

With your new body size, what has the experience been like?

It’s been crazy! People that don’t talk to you before, now want to be your friends. I now have a lot of male admirers and loads of chykers. I go from my house to the bank, for instance, and I have two or three cars getting to stop and say “hi”. I don’t know hope my boyfriend gets to cope with the loads of attention I now attract.


L_R Vivian ifezue, Jawchy Schmidt, and Imanuel Jannah during Jawchy’s interview with Obindigbo Magazine on her weight loss

How long did it take for you to start seeing results?

One month. i started seeing results in one month; I was working ou 5hrs each day; 5 days each week, and I lost  38kg in 7 months. that’s a lot… a whole lot.

that’s a whole lot of endurance from you….

(Cuts In)yes, there are some foods I also don’t eat and drink anymore like malt and other stuff. Count me out on such foods.

How do people react to the “new” Jawchy?

They are shocked. Some people can”t even recognize me. Some see me and they are on a bike, and they come down. They’d be like, I know you from somewhere. there was this day, I went to a salon where I used to make my hair. The stylist told me I looked like a girls she used to know. (laughs) She couldn’t even recognize it was me she was talking about.

Do you think Nigeria is not a friendly place to lose weight?

The food in Nigeria doesn’t support weight loss at all. Our food… what do we have? Rice, yam, spaghetti, swallow etc.They are all starchy and fatty.

Your stay in Brazil, we must say is a blessing in disguise…

Though, I was a bit reluctant to about leave for Brazil, but when I got there my views changed.

Your new image; how do you feel about yourself?

Before I used to have low self esteem. Before, I take trash from people, and swallow it. But now, I don’t take shit from nobody. Now i know me and i love me. i am a very proud person. But I used to be a very feeble minded and timid person.

What’s your advise to those who want to lose weight?

I would encourage the person to really do it. It changes your life, it changes the way you think. The food supplement I talked about will be coming to Nigeria in October, 2014. In case you really  want to lose weight. You can get in touch with me.I’m just wanna help.

The food supplement has no side effects?

Not at all. No side effects.

How would you compare Brazilian culture to Igbo culture?

Sincerely, I’m Nigerian but I love Brazil. I love their food. The language is very good. They are proud of themselves.I think we have to improve and further develop our own way of life.

It been a pleasure chatting with you.

I’m also delighted.





Imanuel Jannah and Vivian Ifezue
By Imanuel Jannah and Vivian Ifezue September 27, 2014 17:32