Akwa Ibom: Eze Igbo Crisis Resolved

By KayCee August 5, 2014 10:43

Two men who had been at logger head over the position of Eze Ndi Igbo in Akwa Ibom State have reached a compromise, and  have both withdrawn their claims to the stool to pave the way for peace, which has eluded the community in the past 15 years.

Chief C.Y. Ezeumaekuka, who is the former president of Igbo Union Federated in Uyo and recognised as Ezeigbo of Uyo and one Chief Barnabas Nwannewuihe, who had been laying claim to the Eze Igbo of Uyo title, thus plunging the Igbo community in Uyo into intractable leadership crisis, last week decided to withdraw their claims to pave the way for an election which would produce a substantive Eze for the community.

We learnt that the wife of Akwa Ibom State governor, Mrs. Ekaette Akpabio, who also ensured that the warring factions not only sheathed their swords, but also committed themselves to a document not to foment any leadership crisis until a new Eze was elected, brokered the peace deal.

It was learnt that the community, while paying a courtesy call on Mrs. Akpabio last week, submitted the details of their peace resolution, where their spokesman, Chief Gordian Uzoma informed the governor’s wife that the Igbo had come a long way in the present Akwa Ibom State, having settled in the area long before the civil war and that even though the war destroyed their assets, they were able to bounce back due to the peaceful nature of the area.

Tracing the history of the crisis, Uzoma said sometime in 1999 the leadership of the group succumbed to forces of disharmony which led to a protracted crisis within the Igbo community in the state.

He commended the governor’s wife for initiating the peace process for the community. The two claimants to the Eze position, Chief Ezeumaekuka and Ichie Nawnnewuihe, equally praised Mrs. Akpabio for her timely and harmonious role in brokering the peace, which had eluded the Igbo community for more than 15 years.

They promised to abide by the resolutions reached at the reconciliation meeting and expressed the hope that the peace would outlive them.They apologised to Mrs. Akpabio over the protracted crisis which had over the years, hampered the contributions of Igbo community to the development of the state and their peaceful co-existence.

Presenting the resolutions, the leader of the Reconciliation Committee, Mrs. Maureen Aniekan Umanah commended the governor’s wife for allowing God to use her to resolve the crisis, noting that one of the resolutions reached was that any member who is at any time found guilty of contravening the peace accord would be banished from the state.

Responding, the wife of the governor, Mrs. Akpabio commended the group for sheathing their swords. She expressed deep regret that the crisis had at a point claimed the life of one of their leaders, noting that by spending so much on litigation and in-fighting, the group had lost so much resources and opportunities which could have been used for the development of their members.

Mrs. Akpabio, who holds the title of Adadioramma 1, urged the group never to succumb again to the forces of retrogression but to work together with the governor and the current administration to build a greater Akwa Ibom State that all Nigerians can be proud to call home.


The event also witnessed the presentation of a seven-member interim executive committee for the Igbo community which has a mandate to conduct elections within three months.



By KayCee August 5, 2014 10:43