Anambra: CCTV Installed In Onitsha Market Records Success

By KayCee July 21, 2014 07:03

The close circuit television (CCTV) installed in the Onitsha Main Market as part of the security measures to ensure order and adequate security in Onitsha and parts of Anambra State has led to an advanced development and reunification of two children who lost contact with their mother after a busy market day.

Governor Willie Obiano was elated on receipt of the cheering news during the week when he went on inspection of ongoing projects in Onitsha and its environs. He was told that the CCTV security gadget mounted to monitor movements and unwholesome activities in the market had recorded successes within a short time of its introduction, and he promised to replicate the exercise in other markets in the state.

The CCTV gadget, which is currently being tested at Onitsha with the capacity to receive and transmit signals to far distances, is linked to the nearby police post in the market for protection of lives and property and apprehension of miscreants.

Obiano was delighted that the CCTV recorded a huge success two days to his visit, following the discovery of two children who lost contact with their mother in a crowd of traders and passers-by milling around the market.

The governor said: “Two days ago, two little kids that came to visit their mum were lost in the crowd but were rescued some 30 minutes later through the monitoring gadget. The police to ensure every criminal is caught promptly is continuously monitoring the picture imagery. The CCTV concept will be replicated in all the markets in the state.”

Governor Obiano had made a stopover at Onitsha Main Market to inspect projects, feel the pulse of the traders and find out any other challenges facing the traders as well as residents in the commercial city, be­fore going to the ever-grow­ing industrial nerve centre of Nnewi,

The governor, who was received by thunderous ovations that intermittently drowned his voice and broke his speech flow, was excited by their apprecia­tion of his work and the four pillars of development as well as their supporting en­ablers. He assured them that he was not unmindful of tendency of miscreants to relocate from Upper Iweka and other hideouts and com­mand structures to the Onit­sha markets and local com­munities.

At the fire station located at the market, Obiano, who was still trailed by cheers from the traders and resi­dents as he marched about 200 metres on foot sizing up the state of infrastructure and environmental condi­tions, expressed dismay that the fire service lacked adequate tools to meet the challenge of fire fighting, declaring that it was unac­ceptable to him.

He decried lack of elec­tricity supply, and assured the traders that he would put the electric power authori­ties on their toes to guaran­tee provision of regular and uninterrupted power supply to the market and its envi­rons. He promised to boost efforts of the fire service and equip its personnel in fire fighting.

Obiano urged the people to cooperate with his gov­ernment in their civic obli­gations, including paying taxes to accredited govern­ment agents.

He charged the people to cooperate with members of the Joint Task Force (Op­eration Kpochapu) to drive the bad elements from the state, stressing that he would come back fighting if he got reports that the miscreants had relocated to the markets from Upper Iweka,

In their separate remarks, Mr. Emmanuel Okoli, a fashion designer and Mrs Eunice Okonkwo, a plastic products seller, expressed happiness with the tempo of work by the governor, saying they had not only provided adequate security, and sanitised the hitherto filthy environment of Onitsha but orientated traders and residents on the need to sell inside their shops instead of displaying their wares along the road or on top of water channels.



By KayCee July 21, 2014 07:03