Group Calls For Ban Of Lawyer Fee, Kolanut & Agreement Money On Apartment Seekers.

By KayCee June 18, 2014 06:39

A Non Governmental Organization, Someone Cares Africa, has called for the abolishment of the erratic fees, called “Kolanut, agreement and lawyer fees” Charged on people seeking to rent a house within the South-East.

The group said in like manner, “the awkward agent consultation fee should be stopped as all these amount to gross exploitation of the citizens’’.

Chairman of the group, Comrade Chimbo Obieze, said this in Onitsha, Anambra State on Tuesday.

Obieze, who stated this after a meeting with Onitsha-based activists, noted, “it is time government of the zone should take drastic action against this canker-worm”.

He noted that there was nowhere in any civilized country where four extraneous items are imposed on house seekers.

It is only in Nigeria, especially in the South-East, the issue of agent consultation, kolanut, agreement and lawyer fees had deterred so many people seeking for rent or new apartment.

 “The kolanut money is now between N50,000 and N60,000, while lawyer and agreement goes between N50,000 and N100, 000 and an acclaimed agent consultation fee would be up to N10,000 – N15,000.

 “By the time a rent or apartment seeker finishes this extraneous and arbitrary payments; he or she must have paid over half of the nominal rent to some elements, who are not landlords in the first place’’, he said.

The activist noted that it was only in the South-East someone would see and hear a tenant paying two years rent fees up-front to a landlord.

 “All these are madness and not acceptable to any organized society and our leaders must do all within their power to stop this madness.

 “Since there is always a law guiding rent issues, why do we push poor and average Nigerians to be living in the streets”, he said.

Chimbo revealed that activists would soon organize rallies in major cities, government houses as well as advocacy to religious leaders, politicians and prominent people in the South-East on the issue.

“Even as people are looking on the leaders in Abuja to change things, we must start changing those things that concern us in our localities”, he added.



By KayCee June 18, 2014 06:39