Basic Fashion Rules: When Combining Coloured Wears

By Ada June 11, 2014 09:20

Hello fellow fashionista

If you believe in fashion I dare say this is the site for you. But before that let’s share what we know about fashion in the 21th century. Am glad a lot of us are embracing fashion. I love it when I walk down the street and meet people and see the sense of fashion or style in their outfits. It has actually made the world so colorful don’t you think. Here are a few Tips;

  1. When combining colored wears you need to be very careful just so you don’t get off track with your dressing.
  2. The style of cloth you wear and your hair do should always fit into the occasion.

Are you aware your looks can make you look?

–       Elegant

–       Happy

–       Sad

–       Intelligent

–       Adorable

–       Cute

–       Young

–       Old

–       Sexy etc.

If you want to looks smart, dress smart and feel happy. Be comfortable in your skin because its only when you are that you can easily express yourself in style. So choose carefully.


‘Ahaa’ let’s talk about our beautiful gorgeous igbo attire and how well our ladies and men wear it.

Our ladies always amaze me with their beautiful, gorgeous and lovely attires in occasions and events and I must say I am greatly impressed with the way our ladies war their gorgeous Gorge, gallant Gelle, lovely lace, beautiful beads and outstanding make up. Everyone in their own unique ways.

Lets not forget our gentlemen who seem not to be doing bad at all. Mmm it seems it’s a competition between the male and female gender so let’s keep it to our separate genders I suppose. Back in the days red cap was meant for chiefs “Red cap chiefs” but now our young able men wear it all in the name of fashion. It is usually gorgeous when worn with kaftans and their other native attires.

Test your fashion sense by marching up these Accessories and wears. How would you wear it?





There has been an argument over time as a result of the use of ‘Blush powder’ in African make-up. It was said that blush powder is meant for the white woman because they have the natural ability to blush. So the use of blush powder helps to highlight those facial features. Do you think the same is applied for we black women? I for one have seen those that look beautiful wearing it. And also those it does suit at all. So I think when worn well looks good. What Do You Think?



By Ada June 11, 2014 09:20