Hurray! It’s 100 Days Of Change And Growth In Anambra State.

By KayCee June 24, 2014 15:59

It’s 100 days since Chief Willie i Obiano mounted the saddle, as governor of Anambra State. In his inaugural speech on March 17, Obiano said his administration would tackle governance of the state through a four-point agenda, which he called four pillars: Agriculture, oil & gas, trade and commerce and industrialisation. 13 enablers, including security, he further said, would propel the four pillars.


The inaugural speech reads in parts: “In the area of security, Anambra will be different under my watch. Not only shall we redraft the operational manual of the entire security apparatchik of Anambra State to ensure a lightning-quick response, we shall also re-orient our people to see that every citizen has a role to play in the security of our communities. The concept of community policing or what is better known as the vigilance groups, has worked well in Anambra State.


“The next challenge however, is to re-train, re-equip and refocus them to meet the dynamics of our time. Along the same line, we will strengthen the police and other law enforcement agencies in the state to enhance their efficiency and response rate to distress calls.


“Fellow Anambrarians, your clamour for a Capital City that fully reflects the essence of our people will be addressed by my administration. We shall re-design and remodel Awka to meet the structural and aesthetic requirements of a 21st Century city that we can all be proud of. We shall also faithfully implement the master plans for Onitsha and Nnewi.


“Ladies and gentlemen, my administration shall launch Anambra into a new economic phase through what I call the four pillars of development. They include: Aggressive mechanised agriculture: We shall engage in a serious production of cassava, maize and rice, where we have a comparative advantage. In addition, we will re-train, re-equip and organise our farmers into cooperatives to enable them share resources and attract funding from donor agencies and financial institutions. These efforts will lead to massive increase in food production in the medium to long term and the emergence of agro-based industries in the area of storage, processing, manufacturing and packaging. That will create a lot of jobs for our people.


“Oil & gas: We will provide the enablement for oil & gas companies to prospect for natural resources in our state and set up a refinery within one year of my administration. Commencement of a refinery will attract oil & gas ancillary companies to come to our state. This has a lot of job creation potentials for our people.


“Trade & commerce: We shall provide an enabling environment for our traders to switch from importation to manufacturing the goods they currently import to Anambra.  We shall introduce e-commerce and build ultra-modern markets and Shopping Malls and revamp existing ones with new amenities.


“Industrialisation: This state hosts a large number of industrial clusters. My administration will strengthen this advantage with an appropriate policy framework that will boost our indigenous capacity in this sector. This will have a direct impact on wealth creation in the state and bring down unemployment.


“Ladies and gentlemen, these are the four pillars of the Anambra wheel of development. They constitute the treasure box of Anambra State and the ignition through which we shall light up the enablers like education, health, the environment, youth and sports development, security, transportation, infrastructure, housing & urban planning, women and children and social infrastructure among many others.”


Indeed, in the last 100 day, the Obiano administration has done a lot in so short a time. The strides he has made are the these areas, among others:



By KayCee June 24, 2014 15:59